Montpellier launches new fridge freezer

A new energy-efficient fridge freezer from Montpellier with enhanced features aimed at energy-conscious consumers has been introduced.Montpellier MNF1860 No Frost Fridge Freezer
595mm wide with a 2 year guarantee and has a E energy rating.The MNF1860X is a high-spec fridge freezer which perfectly suits the contemporary home. With crisp, fresh lines, a no frost refrigeration system, Winter Safe -15°c technology, a convertible chill zone, LED lighting, electronic control and chrome trims, its handy features make life more convenient.NoFrost Multi Cooling Technology

NoFrost Multi Cooling Technology differs from a standard No Frost system in that the fridge and freezer each have an independent cooling system. Since there is no transfer of cold air between the fridge and freezer cabinets, NoFrost Multi Cooling provides extra freshness with optimum humidity levels in each compartment. No Frost Technology also means there is less bacteria in the fridge as there is no moisture and also that the cooling and freezing are more evenly distributed so food stays fresher for longer.

As there is no moisture inside the fridge (that occurs naturally in an auto defrost fridge), you won’t find water sitting on the lids of chilled foods like margarine tubs and on shelves. Odour mixing is also prevented, the formation of mildew is limited, plus the flavour of food is maintained for longer. For more information on different types of refrigeration systems, click here.

Winter Safe -15°c Technology

Winter Safe -15°c technology allows the fridge freezer to be used in ambient temperatures of 10°c to -15°c (for example, in a garage or outbuilding in the colder winter months). It works by overriding the thermostat in a ‘super freeze’ function. Winter Safe -15°c will protect food in the freezer from defrosting.

Chill Zone

The convertible chill zone ensures that food inside is preserved at an ideal temperature of around 0°c. Frozen meat and fish can be kept in this compartment for proper thawing before consuming, which will also ensure that it stays fresh for longer whilst also keeping out unwanted odour.

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