Microwave ovens for every need

Hisense’s new microwave ovens are created to meet the needs of anyone, from those who intend to use them occasionally to those who place the appliance at the center of their kitchen. In fact, the company has provided two series of ovens, addressed to a different type of user: Essential, for those who require high quality and do not need specific functions; and Advanced, which directs the most advanced Hisense technologies towards maximum versatility and the best possible results in terms of cooking.

The Essential range consists of two products and is characterized by a modern look and mechanical controls, which maximize ease of use. The two ovens have similar technical characteristics (20 liter capacity, 6 power levels, 700 Watts), while one of the two additionally offers an 800 Watt grill function.

The Advanced line is characterized by touch controls, LED displays and, above all, by advanced features. Advanced products have different power levels, capacity and preset automatic cooking programs, such as popcorn, vegetables, potatoes, pizza, hot drinks and the Grill mode. The digital models also support the “Step Bake” function, which allows you to program up to two consecutive (and differentiated) cooking phases such as alternating microwave and grill or heating and cooking.

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