Coffee drinkers in Germany

Many people cannot do without the beloved hot cup of coffee in the morning or a quick espresso in the afternoon. Coffee machines of all kinds have enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. This is not surprising, since the coffee machine product segment offers almost all types of preparation – from classic filter coffee to espresso and cappuccino to cold brew – and thus everything a coffee connoisseur’s heart desires.

For International Coffee Day on October 1st, current market figures show the popularity of the versatile coffee machines:
Between January and August 2022, almost 865 million euros were sold in the coffee machine segment. This is an increase of 20 percent compared to the pre-pandemic period of January to August 2019. Fully automatic coffee machines with a sales increase of 28 percent and espresso portafilter machines with a sales increase of 68 percent made the biggest contributions. A trend towards higher-priced machines can be observed, because the growth rate in the number of pieces is 17 percent for fully automatic coffee machines and 47 percent for espresso portafilter machines.

“In times of the pandemic, when consumers have increasingly focused on their own homes, they have also invested in home appliances. This is also evident in coffee, the Germans’ favorite hot drink. The barista feeling at home is also very popular at the moment,” explains Dr. Sara Warneke, Managing Director of gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH.

In Germany, filter coffee ranks first in terms of popularity, as the coffee consumption study by the German Coffee Association shows. In 2021, 46 percent of households drank filter coffee, followed by 31 percent who prepare their coffee with fully automatic coffee machines. Almost five percent use a portafilter machine, but the proportion is increasing.

Coffee is and remains the favorite drink in Germany, with consumption increasing every year.
According to the German Coffee Association, 169 liters of coffee were drunk per person in 2021 (2020: 168 liters). This corresponds to around 500 million cups, which were consumed across Germany last year more than in 2020.

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