Samsung SmartThings AI Energy Mode

With energy prices on the rise, Samsung’s SmartThings platform leverages AI to help you cut down on your power use and save money. It’s one example of the company’s efforts to combat climate change.

“The more technology we add [to our homes], the more energy we use, and that’s not sustainable,” Samsung UK home appliances marketing director Tanya Weller said onstage at IFA. “We are determined to change things.”

With SmartThings, you can monitor and control the energy usage of your Samsung appliances from your phone. If your bill is too high, simply enable AI Energy Mode, which can reduce energy use through small changes, like slightly raising your refrigerator temperature or washing your clothes with cooler water After enabling AI Energy Mode, you can set a monthly target (maximum savings, net-zero home, or custom). Then, every morning, the AI will check whether you’re on track to meet your goal. If necessary, it will set your devices to run on Energy Saving mode for 24 hours.

Samsung says this feature can reduce the energy consumption of its refrigerators and washing machines by 30% and 70%, respectively.

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