Miele consumption dashboard

Miele announced a new app-based Consumption Dashboard that can help owners of its dishwashers and washing machines monitor their energy and water use. The Consumption Dashboard will also offer tips on how to use these products more efficiently.

Miele plans to launch this feature by the end of 2022. It will initially work with the company’s dishwashers, but Miele will expand support to include its washing machines and other products next year.

Meanwhile, Miele’s new K 4000 generation freestanding refrigeration products feature insulation panels with silica that promise to ensure an A energy efficiency rating for “many years,” according to the company. These models also feature a new system called PerfectFresh Active, which keeps fruits and vegetables at near-freezing temperatures as well as sprays them with a fine mist, like at the grocery store. The company says this should keep produce “crunchy fresh for up to five times longer,” helping to reduce food waste.

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