Euroflex presents Thermal Y1: the ultimate heated roller mop

This model is the first heated roller mop that uses heat to deep clean floors. the mop features a self-cleaning brush system that lets users clean all types of floor with ease.

the exclusive patented roller heating system allows users to optimise the two fundamental factors of floor cleaning: humidity and temperature. the y1 is therefore perfect for cleaning critical surfaces such as marble or delicate surfaces like wood. it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean and sanitise floors around the home, which makes floors safer and more hygienic around children and pets.

euroflex claims to be the first in the world to create a floor cleaner that uses exothermic technology (which is an international patent). the thermal y1 transfers heat (of around 250°f/120°c) to the cleaning rolling pad, which creates enough energy to clean hard surfaces in a quick and efficient way. the model works with a precise amount of water to reduce waste and to create the ideal moisture for cleaning. 200mm of water can clean an area up to 90m2.

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