New insect bite healers from Beurer

summer and the heat, the insects also have their heyday – whether mosquitoes, horse flies or wasps. The stings and bites of these pests are difficult to avoid naturally and can cause unpleasant consequences such as itching and swelling of the skin. The two new insect bite healers from Beurer are intended to provide a gentle and drug-free remedy.
In addition to the well-known BR 60 , Beurer is now introducing two new insect bite healers to its medical range: the compact BR 10 for on the go and the BR 90 with switchable light .

Beurer says: “An insect bite can be annoying and is usually noticeable for days. The healing of the symptoms can be accelerated with the insect bite healers BR 10, BR 60 and BR 90 . For use, the rapidly heating ceramic heating plate is placed directly on the affected area immediately after the sting. Itching or swelling can be alleviated by the targeted effect of heat, and the healing process is often felt to be more pleasant. Since the insect bite healers do not require any chemical additives, they are also suitable for use in pregnant women.”

The insect bite healer BR 10 ( 24.99 euros RRP) with its extra small, compact design is the perfect companion for outdoor activities. It can be easily attached to a backpack or belt loop with the practical snap hook and is therefore always ready to hand as soon as a sting or bite occurs. The 3-second program can relieve itching or swelling, even on sensitive skin.

The two insect bite healers BR 60 ( 35.99 euros RRP) and BR 90 (39.99 euros RRP) offer two programs with different heat durations – for the first application or for sensitive skin, an application duration of 3 seconds is recommended, with regular use it is 6 seconds optimal.

The BR 90 in black design also has a switchable light and is therefore also suitable for use in the dark

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