Elica sustainability

After announcing last January the attainment of a suitability certification for hydrogen operation of motors manufactured in its subsidiary company EMC FIME, Elica has been continuing in its path towards environmental impact reduction, thanks to a new electrical energy supply agreement stipulated with Iberdrola, one of the world leaders in renewable energy: in 2022, Elica will be able to reduce its own emissions by over 4,000 tons in Italy, which equals to 20% of the total emissions of the Group. “Elica – said Giulio Cocci, CEO of Elica – is by nature a sustainable company: we have always followed a strategy that adopts ESG principles, which, over the years, has brought us to identify areas in need of improvement and put real actions into place, geared towards reducing our environmental impact. The agreement with Iberdrola comes into play in this specific scenario: we have already started the process in our Italian production sites, therefore we will significantly reduce emissions in our country. As a world leader in our sector, we feel the responsibility of reducing our environmental impact and we are determined to adopt this approach at all business levels and in every area of the world where we are operating. Sustainability is not just a ‘must’ that we intend to pursue with our utmost commitment and pragmatism: we are striving to make it a driver for growth”. Elica has recently established a “Sustainability Committee”, made up of an in-company team, representing all the main business areas, with the aim of identifying the impact areas and sustainable development targets for the upcoming years. In another tangible step towards environmental impact reduction and energy efficiency creation, Elica’s development plans also include investments in new photovoltaic systems, which have already been implemented in its Italian production sites

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