Asko award winning

ASKO is iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 double winner.
The world’s most prestigious design competition iF DESIGN  has awarded two innovative ASKO products. The ASKO Elevate™ induction hob with integrated extraction and selected ASKO DW60 dishwasher models were chosen from around 11,000 entries and granted an iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 by a final jury of 75 design experts from 23 nations. The awards were given on the basis of five criteria: Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation and Impact. They are tribute to the ASKO’s human-centric, minimalist approach of designing useful, reliable, long-lasting products.ASKO Elevate™ induction hob with integrated extraction works according to the downdraft principle with a unique tower which brings the extraction surface closer to the pans, resulting in a high extraction performance, which takes away cooking vapor effectively and silently. It also has the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 winning Celsius°Cooking™ technology with intuitive user interface, pans with temperature sensors, a probe and an app. The components communicate with each other wirelessly, to control temperatures and timings precisely to create dishes that are both tasty and healthy, and a way to exciting new culinary adventures.
By removing the extractor from the wall or ceiling, the kitchen is viewed from a completely new perspective: A blank canvas where anything is possible. 

The ASKO DW60 dishwashers were designed and rigorously tested to thedesigned and rigorously tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ worth of regular use. They come with several smart, sustainable features and perform to the highest hygiene standards by eliminating 99.99999 % of bacteria, fungi, viruses and more. This makes the ASKO DW60 dishwashers the world’s most reliable and responsible dishwashers, and a benchmark when it comes to hygiene and sustainability. They have the world’s tallest loading height and the biggest load capacity on the market.
“The ASKO Design Centre is very pleased at being recognized by the IF jury for all the hard work we put into this project. It proves that Scandinavian design, has been, and still is highly appreciated on the international design scene. The people working at ASKO design Centre are sure ASKO DW60 platform will be appreciated by consumers worldwide for many years,” Jon Carlehed commented on the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.
Vincent Hofstee added: “We are delighted that we have received iFon the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.
Vincent Hofstee added: “We are delighted that we have received iF Awards for the third year in a row. A sign of our continuous effort to realize innovative products in a great design. Big congratulations to the design team and to all other departments and colleagues involved.” 

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