BSH, record turnover in 2021

BSH achieved its highest turnover ever for the second consecutive year. In fiscal year 2021, it generated sales of € 15.6 billion, which is a 12% year-over-year increase (net of adjustment for exchange rate effects: 14%).BSH has significantly increased its turnover in all regions during 2021. 

BSH remains the undisputed market leader in the  European region  . Last year its turnover grew by 9%. In particular, it recorded good growth in the main Western European markets, such as Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Italy, as well as in Northern Europe and Turkey. It increased its turnover in the American region (USA and Canada) by 23%.

It recorded an 18% year-over-year revenue increase in Asia Pacific / Africa . D 17% yoy in the Chinese market, the largest in the region. BSH remains the leading non-Chinese home appliance manufacturer in China.

The strongest revenue driver in fiscal year 2021 was the Refrigeration product category , which recorded year-over-year growth of 20%, followed by the Cooking product category (ovens + 14%, hobs and ventilation + 13% ). Small appliances , such as automatic coffee machines, food processors and vacuum cleaners, were also positive , growing by 9%.

BSH’s customer service  , which has won numerous awards, also increased its revenue by 4% year-over-year. The approximately 15,000 employees and their service partners continued to support consumers in approximately 50 countries without interruption in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic.

More employees in BSH production

BSH employed 62,400 people worldwide at the end of 2021, about 4% more than the previous year. This increase is due, in particular, to new hires in production in response to the increase in demand.

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