Haier introduces new, smarter tumble-dryers

Haier’s Series 5 Tumble Dryer promises “Professional results at home”, at the core of this range. Thanks to the power of Haier Connectivity and Artificial Intelligence enhanced by the hOn App, users will receive superior and customised performances never seen before.

The model can also be connected to the user’s smartphone for complete control. By downloading the hOn App, users can get full access to their tumble-dryer, from picking the right cycle and controlling its status, to receiving personalised notifications and suggestions for ad-hoc results. 

Haier Connectivity and the advances of artificial intelligence are at one’s fingertips for every need, the company claims.

For example, the Synchro Wash + Dry allows users to connect the tumble-dryer to a Haier washing machine, and automatically suggest the perfect drying program for one’s laundry.

The Tumble Dryer can also activate the Artificial Intelligence cycle, that automatically adapts

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