General Electric Appliances has just unveiled its newest models of washers and dryers, and one pair of laundry day heroes is equipped with Amazon Alexa

The GE Profile washers and dryers, announced during this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, include front load units and top load units, the latter of which, called the Top Load 900, includes the first washing machine to have a built-in voice assistant, Amazon Alexa.

So what exactly can Alexa do for your laundry? You can tell it to set your machine for specific fabrics or adjust the settings β€” pretty much anything you could do by hand. What can’t Alexa do? Well, you’ll still have to separate the clothing yourself, put the clothes into the machine yourself, and transfer everything to the dryer yourself.

Besides the voice assistant shtick, the washer and dryer are packed with other features to hopefully make laundry day suck less. The washer uses SmartDispense technology, which basically means you can pour up to 50 ounces of detergent into the washer and let it dispense how ever much detergent it needs for each load. To reduce water usage, the washing machine can detect soil and detergent levels in the wash to more efficiently clean while using less waterThe front-loading washer and dryer, called the Front Load 950, announced during the event don’t have Amazon Alexa built into them, but they do feature advancements in cleaning. The washing machine has customized stain removal technology that’s able to treat up 40 types of stains, and you can even get notifications about your laundry on your phone.

The washer’s gasket, dispenser and draining system have Microban Antimicrobial Technology so odor-causing bacteria doesn’t grow over time. And if you have a small enough wash load, the washing machine can wash and dry the entire load without the need to transfer things to the dryer.

The Top Load 900, the washer and dryer with Amazon Alexa, will be available in June 2022in the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

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