Samsung Stackers: reducing food waste block by block

Samsung  has announced a collaboration with The Tetris Company to launch Samsung Stackers , a range of limited edition pieces inspired by the Tetris® puzzle video game, aimed at preserving food to reduce waste. of food at home.

It is the first design of its kind, which will include the seven iconic shapes and colors of the famous tetrominos (light blue, yellow, purple, green, blue, red and orange), which will facilitate efficient and safe food storage more than ever. in the fridge or freezer in a fun and unique way. In addition, all the profits obtained from its sale will go to the European Federation of Food Banks .The new Samsung Stackers will be available in the following European countries: Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary, Greece, France and the United Kingdom.

People who want to buy a set of pieces can do so for 25 euros and all profits will go to the  European Federation of Food Banks , a non-profit organization that represents a network of 335 food banks

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