Can air cleaners reduce COVID-19 in schools?

Philips Domestic Appliances is proud that our 3000i Air Purifier technology is selected to be part of an important study with the University of Leeds on reducing the transmission of Covid in schools.

This study investigates the feasibility of using air cleaners to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in 30 primary schools in Bradford. The £1.9 million investigation is being funded by the Department for Health and Social Care and led by Professor Mark Mon-Williams from the University of Leeds.

Philips Air Purifiers use HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) technology filters to trap unwanted particles such as dust, pollen, bacteria and airborne viruses from the air while allowing clean air to be pushed back out into the environment.

It is vital that we all work together to understand how to make spaces like schools as safe as possible for children, teachers and the wider community. It is a privilege to work with such dedicated teams of professors and researchers on such a meaningful project.

You can learn more about the study here:

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