Whirlpool new chest freezer

Whirlpool unveiled two new models of freezer, including the WZC5216L 16 Cu. Ft. chest freezer with shelves and WZC5116L 16 Cu. Ft. convertible freezer to refrigerator with baskets, both available in a sleek white finish. Among the main features, these new products include: convertible freezer-to-fridge, adapting to the family’s changing needs with extra freezer space or more fresh food storage when needed. Led lighting that showcases food clearly is only available on models WZC5216L and WZC5116L.

Other plusses are: the cunterbalanced lid, that allows the use of both hands to grab what’s needed or organize food while the lid stays open and in place where wanted; raised shelf and divider, that create a dedicated space for favorite items that everyone can reach using the raised shelf and divider; built-in drain; rollers to lift and shift the freezer to where it’s needed with two smooth-gliding bottom rollers on one side of the unit.

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