Whirlpool New Heat Pump Dryer

Whirlpool has launched the new FFT M11 8X3BY SPT heat pump dryer with FreshCare + and a capacity of 8 kg. In addition, thanks to the exclusive 6th Sense technology, the device adapts the necessary resources for each cycle, thus achieving more efficient consumption.

The exclusive FreshCare + system stands out because it is able to take care of the garments inside the dryer by controlling the temperature and the constant movement of the drum. This technology inhibits the proliferation of bad odors, keeping the garments fresh in the drum for up to 6 hours after the end of the drying cycle.

With 8 kg capacity and a large item program, the FreshCare + dryer also saves time on appliance maintenance, as there is no need to clean the condenser filter. She does it on her own thanks to the Autocleaning system.

It also includes special programs for different types of garments and fabrics, such as a special program for wool, which has the Woolmark Blue certificate, which guarantees the best care of wool garments and even a special cycle for jeans.

Guaranteed energy savings

Whirlpool’s new dryer stands out for its energy efficiency with an A +++ rating. By having heat pump technology, it always guarantees optimal drying and lower electricity consumption, since it works at a lower temperature.

And with its intelligent 6th Sense system it detects the amount of clothes and humidity in the drum to set the drying duration and thus optimize the energy used during the process.

On the other hand, the model incorporates a high efficiency SenseInverter motor that works at a variable speed, which allows a special care of the fibers. It also makes the device quieter and more durable.

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