Franke new built-in ovens

Franke‘s Mythos range of ovens also includes two Full Steam products. The models FMY 99 HS XS and FMY 99 HS BK are created for those who love to cook in a healthy way. Thanks to the steam cooking it is possible to cook preserving the nutritional qualities of the food. The user only has to put the water into the tank and select the appropriate function: the electronic sensors will check the cooking times and the correct amount of steam. It is also possible to choose the combined cooking (which use both steam and heat at temperatures between 140° and 220°C) or the PureSteam cooking at 95°C. The new Full Steam models, like the other ovens in the collection, feature a 3.5” full touch color TFT display and the CookAssist technology. Besides, the Smooth2close system ensures that the opening and closing of the oven are silent and delicate. The Multicooking function offers the possibility of cooking up to four dishes at the same time and the CookAssist, with many preset recipes, allows user to easily create any dish, selecting only the type of dish and letting the oven set automatically the optimal program and cooking time. Finally, using the steam power, the Full Steam ovens clean themselves in 35 minutes – at 90° – without the use of chemical detergents but simply by inserting 200 cc of water into the oven.

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