India market set to grow

According to website home appliances products will grow exponentially in India during the next future. Here, as in the other geographical areas around the world, Covid-19 and lockdowns have made home the center of life so that people is increasingly interested in improving technologies equipment at home.

«By 2025 – writes – the Indian market’s demand for electronics is expected to increase by billions of dollars. Additionally, there are more chances for the developing economy to profit from the market’s rapidly shifting trend on the horizon. Smart TVs are gradually replacing traditional television sets. Not just in the foreign industry, but also in the local market, demand for fully automatic washing machines is increasing. Consumer preferences are fast-shifting, indicating a behavioral shift in demand patterns».

Demand for household appliances is growing both in the big cities and in little towns of the Indian market, where smart, cost-effective appliances are more and more requested by consumers.

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