Hoover new dishwasher

AXI dishwasher by Hoover understands the user voice and habits and provides bespoke solutions that guarantee high washing performance and results. Fully wi-ii connected, all functions of the machine can be controlled and managed via the Wizard App, or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Hoover Talks function allows to control AXI dishwasher by voice. In this way, user can choose and launch programmes, ask for feedback about the machine’s status and even ask for suggestions for the best programme to use. AXI’s Guided Washing feature suggests the most appropriate solution for any specific needs and gives quick access to all the user favourite and most popular programmes.

The Total Care programme is ideal for the most delicate items, such as pottery and crystal – giving good results in a single, A-class efficient load. The Total Care basket is made from a soft material and has special hooks to handle valuable crockery and glassware. Moreover, the AXI dishwasher features an intensive 75°C program to sterilize dishes, pans and baby bottles and guarantee protection for the whole family from germs, bacteria.

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