Nidec Starts Production of Label-Supporting Variable-Speed Compressors

Nidec Global Appliance has started manufacturing variable-speed compressors under its Embraco brand at its facility in Austria, a response to the “challenging” new energy labels adopted by the European Union, which require smarter compressors and motors, the company said in a statement.

The first compressors rolling off the production line will be the FMX series, using isobutane (R600a). The Austrian facility will also start producing Embraco’s VES compressor series soon. The VES is available for both R600a and propane (R290).

“The new labels affect many of the home appliances powered by Nidec Global Appliance’s portfolio of compressors and motors in Europe,” said Guilherme Almeida, Strategic Planning Vice President at Nidec Global Appliance.

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