Whirlpool launches the Supreme Silence range

Whirlpool focuses on silence with the new range of Supreme Silence washing machines, created to meet the needs of consumers who spend more and more time at home. The low noise reaches 65 dBA during the spin cycle, obtaining the class A. All this also thanks to the Zen lateral sound-absorbing panels and the ZenMotor that help reduce vibrations and noise. In addition, Autodose Push to Open (the push-to-open detergent drawer) opens gently with a touch, while the mixed load program works below 60 dBA and can be used both day and night without the fear of disturbing. Whirlpool Supreme Silence contains all the most advanced technologies of the brand, such as 6th SENSE, WaterSave and AutoDose, allowing user to save energy, water and detergent. As for the design, it’s meant for a product life of over 10 years, and the appliance has been created with recyclable components (87%). Finally, Whirlpool Supreme Silence is equipped with three different steam technologies: Steam Hygiene (able to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from each wash), Steam Refresh (which fights bad odors, ensuring that the laundry stays fresh) and FreshCare+ for greater freshness of the laundry until it is removed from the washing machine drum.

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