Galanz Largest Microwave manufacturer

Galanz Enterprises, founded in September 28th, 1978, is a world-class integrated white goods brand enterprise, and one of the most influential leading enterprises in the Chinese household electrical appliances industry.

Galanz has the world’s largest microwave oven R&D and manufacturing center, as well as the world’s leading manufacturing facilities of professional air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, electric ovens and other household appliances.

In the flexible production line at the 4.0 base of Galanz Group, there are 17 robots on each production line, and a microwave oven chamber can be off the line every 6.7 seconds. The production line is controlled by computer digitalization, and different production modes can be switched instantly.

Galanz connects all links of the industrial chain through digital enabling. It used to take more than 20 days for a microwave oven to complete the production when receiving an order from the market, but now the process can be shortened to 7 days, labor efficiency has been improved by 40%, and order delivery time has been shortened by 67%

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