BSH Group temporarily suspends the production of several factories in the face of falling demand

BSH, the consequences of coronavirus spread also are impacting. the corporate is experiencing a big drop by demand, affecting most product categories and markets. during this context, the BSH Group’s Board of Directors has decided to suspend production for an expected period of three weeks. Thus, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH will temporarily suspend its production operations in its factories in Europe, Turkey and North America. the corporate still has the power to deliver products to consumers.

Disruption of production at factories in Europe will begin on March 28, 2020. this might even have an impression on employees who aren’t directly linked to production or other functions and locations.

This measure is being coordinated and implemented with the respective workers’ representatives counting on the country and site and in accordance with the present legal framework. BSH will still implement appropriate measures to make sure the simplest protection for all employees against the danger of infection by the coronavirus.

The company will inform customers, suppliers and other companies about the planned procedures.

BSH will employ this temporary suspension of production, to be prepared to satisfy the demand of its clients on time and within the absolute best way when the markets recover

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