LG Electronics to Launch Intelligent Direct Drive Washing Machine

LG Electronics will launch the LG Trom Washing Machine ThinQ, an artificial intelligence-based direct drive (DD) washing machine, in the Korean market on March 12.

The new washer senses the weight of clothes and uses big data to check the material of the clothes and selects the optimal washing method. For example, in the case of a delicate textile, a user can select shaking and kneading hand motions to protect the cloth.

Consumers can use convenient functions by connecting the new product to LG ThinQ, a home appliance management application, using a Wi-Fi connection. The smart pairing function of LG ThinQ allows the washing machine to send washing course information to the LG Tromm Dryer Steam ThinQ launched on March 5 and the dryer sets up a drying course.

Its smart care feature allows the washer to remember your laundry habits and set your favorite washing options. This function analyzes the last five washing methods used and selects options used three times or more. In addition, the washer is convenient to use as it sets an optimal washing option by taking into consideration weather and fine dust information.