Fresh on the table with Agrilution: Miele entry into future field of vertical farming

Miele continues with its commitment to acquire or participate in new projects to diversify its business and redefine the experience in the field of cooking, with the purchase of Agrilution assets . This young company of German origin has opted to offer vertical agriculture solutions, which many experts have defined as the future of greenhouses, in the home itself.This type of agriculture, which is based on aeroponics (a technology that does not require land, sun, or water) makes plants grow based on the humidity and heat of artificial light. Its domestic use means having a kind of standard refrigerator, which offers the perfect growing conditions, with minimal care and an extra design contribution both in the kitchen and in the living room.In the words of Maximilian Lössl, founder of Agrilution together with Philipp Wagner, “our domestic greenhouse provides fresher lettuce, herbs and microvegetals directly on the table.”Agrilution’s home greenhouses allow fresh, aromatic and nutrient-rich sprouts, herbs and microvegetals to be enjoyed at home throughout the year, through a self-contained ecosystem with simple seed coatings, regulated lighting and a controlled microclimate, as well as automatic irrigation.The first crop can be harvested one to three weeks after commissioning.To establish a comparison that clearly illustrates its effectiveness, a lettuce grown in the field requires up to 120 liters of water to grow and that volume is sufficient to supply an entire Plantcube throughout the year.

Vertical Farming is a term used by futurologists to denote multi-level greenhouses providing a local and space-saving supply of fresh produce, for example in urban conurbations. With the Plantcube from Agrilution, this revolutionary concept is now finding its way into private households. Fully automatic, small-scale vertical farms are no larger than a standard refrigerator, offer perfect growing conditions combined with minimal effort – and are a design highlight in any kitchen or living room. With Agrilution’s concept, Miele is further expanding its expertise in the field of the diversity of pleasures and healthy living.

With spring in the kitchen the whole year round, growing baby salads and herbs are showcased aesthetically, producing untold aromatic and nutritious ingredients: This makes Plantcubes from Agrilution a ground breaker in the market. In principle, they offer a self-contained eco system with simple seedmat liners, regulated lighting and a controlled micro-climate as well as automatic watering. This results in Plantcubes virtually controlling themselves. Harvested produce is free from pesticides and other contamination. The system is controlled via the Agrilution Cloud. A user-friendly app provides an insight into the growth process and instructions on maintenance and harvesting.