Beko seeks to tap China’s market potential via 2nd import expo in Shanghai

Beko is seeking to tap the “biggest home appliances market in the world” and support the globalization trend, as the Turkish manufacturer of home appliance and consumer electronics is back for the second China International Import Expo (CIIE) that runs from Nov. 5 to 10 in Shanghai.

“As China is the biggest home appliances market in the world with over 20 percent of the total global market, it is very critical for Beko,” Beko’s China Country Manager Cann Song told Xinhua in an interview by email.

Referring to the fact that China has made remarkable achievements and become “one of the main drivers of globalization and growth of global economy” in the past 70 years, Song said “Beko strongly supports the trend of globalization worldwide” as it is offering products and services in more than 140 countries with 23 different production facilities in nine countries.

In his view, the CIIE offers “an impressive horizon of opportunities” for all companies to introduce their products to the Chinese market, as China aims to be more open to the world and let Chinese people experience high-quality imported products.

“As Beko, we will do our best to support this opening-up policy with our advanced products and technologies,” he said.

For the second CIIE, Beko is back with new products and technologies in cooling, laundry and kitchen categories.

“In the past years, we had comprehensive studies all over China to understand the changing needs of Chinese consumers,” said Song. “We also developed new technologies and adapted the global technologies to fulfil the needs of the Chinese consumers.”

In cooling category, Beko is to be presenting “Beko EverFresh+,” its latest refrigeration technology that keeps vegetables and fruits fresh up to 30 days, three times longer than average.

Beko’s AquaTech makes available a washing machine that allows for half the washing time with twice the care by increasing the power of water with a newly designed paddle.

The global brand shall also introduce its Eat Like a Pro campaign to the Shanghai expo this time. The initiative, launched with support from FC Barcelona and the UNICEF globally, encourages a healthier lifestyle worldwide.

According to Song, Beko has partnered with Chinese star Song Jia to promote the Eat Like A Pro concept nationally.

“We are delighted to take the stage on the 2nd CIIE, the world’s first large-scale national exhibition, to present our latest technologies and innovations to Chinese consumers,” he said.

The scale of the second CIIE is larger than the first one, with the total exhibition area rising to 360,000 square meters from 300,000 square meters last year.

Song called China “one of the most important strategic markets” in Beko’s long-term plan.

“We aim to reach more Chinese consumers and let them experience Beko’s products, the choice of more than 500 million people in the world and a leading brand in the United Kingdom,” he said.

As a premium brand, Beko has been operating in China since 2007, where it now has operations in Shanghai, Changzhou, Shenzhen and Wuxi.

Song described the R&D center in Wuxi, which was set up in October last year, as part of Beko’s long-term plan to support its China growth “with better product solutions specially designed for Chinese consumers.”

“Beko is also expanding sales operations in different regions of China,” he said.

The brand has already reached “substantial market shares” in certain regions of China and achieved a double-digit growth in 2019 despite macro-economic challenges, he said.

“We have strengthened our footprint in major cities in China and penetrated in new regions,” Song added. “We are excited about the opportunities in China market and will continue our expansion in the upcoming years.”

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