Haier Russian Laundry factory

Haier, China’s largest consumer electronics and home appliance producer, announces the launch of production at the Haier Russian Industrial Park and Laundry Appliances Plant in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. The new Haier plant, connecting the customer to the factory throughout the manufacturing process, is estimated to be able to produce laundry appliances for up to 200 million users across Russia and other countries in Central Asia and Europe.

“The laundry appliance plant is the first of its kind, as no other Chinese firm has established such a plant in Europe before. We are proud to be the pioneer firm,” Guiwei Sun, General Manager of Russian Laundry Appliance Interconnected Plant, said. “We hope this plant can enhance the supply capacity and meet the increasing demands for laundry appliances in the Russian market.”

Haier to Develop Complete Industry Chain, Aiming to Further Drive Russian Home Appliance Market

Along with the already-existent refrigerator manufacturing plant, the new laundry appliances plant can drive synergistic effects, as Haier is also planning production lines for its other appliances, including air-conditioners and water heaters, in the area. This will eventually culminate in the establishment of an integrated ecological production chain.

“The synergistic effects will benefit not only the local area but also Haier, in that it will reduce cost disadvantages greatly thanks to local production and increased efficiency of distribution,” added Sun.

“Trinity” Localization Model with Focus on Russian Market Requirements and Expectations

The new laundry appliances plant follows Haier’s regional model of international growth. Haier calls this model the “Trinity” localization model of R&D, manufacturing and marketing.

With such a strategy, Haier aims to develop a complete product supply chain when expanding the local market. In this case, Haier has hired local R&D researchers to provide insights of Russian users, including their habits and customs. All these efforts enable Haier to better adapt to the local market and create advantages. Furthermore, the regional economy and employment rate can be boosted with the further development of Haier’s localization.

One of the primary reasons that Haier’s laundry machines are popular amongst Russian users is that Haier can tailor their products to meet the practical needs of local users.

The launch of Haier’s laundry appliances plant in the region also brings confidence to local Haier sales personnel. With the plant, Haier will grow into a long-term, stable strategic partner that local sales personnel can depend on.

In the future, eight Haier manufacturing plants in different categories will be launched in the Russian Industry Park. At that time, this integrated industry park that incorporates home appliance production lines and accommodation, medical, logistics and cultural centers will bring comprehensive benefits to the locals.

Designed using Haier’s innovative 5+7+N concept, the Haier Smart Cloud Solution links seven (7) home solutions in air, water, security, clothes care, entertainment, health and information across five (5) living scenarios — the smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, smart laundry room and smart bedroom — with customizations based on variable user needs (N) for a comprehensive and intuitive smart home ecosystem.