Electrolux smart ovens

Remotely or with a voice command, the new ovens help prepare the perfect dinner, controlling all settings in total autonomy to ensure extraordinary results every day.

The integrated CookView® camera of the SteamPro oven transmits images in real time on any mobile device to control cooking the dishes, alerting you when the process is over and the food is cooked to perfection.

To create new dishes and live new experiences, the exclusive VarioGuide recipe book , containing from 180 to 260 preset recipes, indicates the ingredients to buy and the steps to be performed, allowing you to easily prepare Chef’s dishes. Moreover, with the Electrolux ovens it is possible to cook the whole menu flow in half the traditional time: the larger internal cavity and the new UltraFanPlus ventilation system , in fact, allow you to cook up to three levels simultaneously, without fear of mixing flavors and smells.

And to make the preparation of a perfect dinner even more magical, the Connected Cooking personal assistant starts cooking, sets and adjusts the best program for each food, via remote connection or voice command thanks to Google Assistant , leaving more free time for to chill out. Moreover, with the new Innit Platform Connected Food application , it is possible to personalize each recipe of your meal, to experiment with new flavors and ingredients, adapting them also based on nutritional objectives: a complete experience between taste and connectivity that saves time and spend unique moments in the kitchen.

Electrolux innovations are not just about the smart home: ovens are a real ally in the kitchen thanks to the many functions that help the user in every phase, ensuring perfect performance every time. The Steamify® technology makes the creation of healthy and extraordinary dishes easier and more intuitive, whatever the level of difficulty of the recipe. Through the Touch Control interface , it is possible to select the dish to be cooked and the type of cooking desired and the oven automatically combines the most suitable amount of steam, enhancing the taste and flavor of each ingredient. And to satisfy even the most demanding palates, with perfect cooking like in the best restaurant, the integrated FoodProbe temperature sensor measures the temperature directly at the core of the food with absolute precision and, once the desired cooking has been completed, emits a sound signal that automatically interrupts it.

The oven with integrated connectivity is available in the new MATTE RANGE line , distinguished by a completely matt finish, ideal to fit with elegance in the most modern and sought-after kitchens

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