Beko AirTherapyTM

The world’s first washing machine with warm air circulation AirTherapyTM technology is aimed to position Beko as a leader in the washing machine market in Thailand.

Bangkok, 30 August 2019 – Beko, a leader in the European home appliance market today officially announced the launch of the world’s first washing machine with warm air circulation AirTherapyTM technology, enabling your favourite daily used clothes to be refreshed and ready to wear with no odor in just 30 minutes. This washing machine is latest addition to Beko’s wide range of home appliances which aims to be the top-of-mind brand among the new urbanist who seeks a healthy-living lifestyle.

Today’s day and age is fueled with rapid changes, and many of us are competing for one common factor: Time. Whether it is to do with work, health or happiness, we pressure ourselves by squeezing everything in the limited time we have and exhaust ourselves in the process of being so fast paced. Time has become such a critical factor in our lives and that’s why the ‘Smart Urban’ philosophy may seem far-fetched for people in this generation.

Beko has witnessed the changes in the modern lifestyle which focuses on balancing work and life. The new Urbanist Lifestyle Laundry Solution with outstanding performance is officially debuted for the first time in Thailand at the Wash Your Excuses Away with Beko event where Beko launched the new Beko AirTherapyTM washing machine.

The new AirTherapyTM washing machine also comes with other supportive features which are highly adaptable to active urban customers’ needs and lifestyles. These features include;

• REFRESH – Warm air circulates technology refreshes and removes odors from your lightly-worn clothes in just 30 minutes.

• CLEAN AND WEAR – To get your favorite clothes clean and ready to wear in 120 minutes (when used with an extended program and one kilogram of load)

• HOMEWHIZ – An application that makes life easier in the age of IOT (Internet of Things) with customized and downloadable washing programs to match the special fabrics of your clothes, notification of the washing status and many more features all at the touch of your fingertips through WIFI.

“Beko has always been on the lookout for ways to make customer’s lives easier, and we continue to offer innovative solutions for the Urbanist Lifestyle. The Beko AirTherapyTM machine will introduce a new era of laundry and will be the perfect choice for customers who prefer a washing machine with features that can solve their pain-points,” said Pornchai Trakultechadej, Asia Pacific Marketing and Product Management Director at Beko Thai.

Following the company’s mission to become a top-three player in the Thai home appliance market within 2020, Beko strongly emphasizes on the plan to offer customers with a variety of world-class home appliance solutions. The aim is to fulfill the demand of every household with high-quality products under the new brand direction of Healthy Living to empower new generations to live healthier, active lives.

“As Beko has become one of the fastest growing home appliance brands in Thailand, thanks to a fresh line-up of innovative products that suits everyone’s lifestyle, we also go beyond to educate and encourage Thai people to live a healthier life. Our innovative products and solutions ensure that our customers have all the information and technology-enabled equipment they need to support their healthy lifestyle,” said Pornchai.

Customers can experience the new Beko AirTherapyTM washing machine series as well as enjoy fun interactive activities at Wash Your Excuses Away with Beko event at Fashion Hall, 1st Floor, Siam Paragon from the 30th of August to the 1st of September 2019. Customers visiting the event can also stand a chance to win several souvenirs from Beko and meet famous singers Bell Supol Phuasirirak and Nont Thanont from The Voice.

Experience the Beko home appliances at the Beko Flagship Store (4th floor, Siam Paragon), Power Mall, Power Buy, HomePro, Index Living Mall, and leading home appliance retailers nationwide.

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