Attack on Thermomix: Bosch brings multifunction food processor

Bosch has announced that it will launch a new multifunction food processor with smart home integration at the beginning of next year. This could soon be a serious competitor for the household favorite Thermomix.

The Thermomix has been one of the most popular home appliances for Germans for decades and is now enjoying cult status. In addition to mixing, beating, stirring and crushing, the latest generation of Vorwerk’s multifunction food processor can also be heated up to 160 degrees and perform all kinds of cooking and cooking operations. Other kitchen appliances make the all-rounder look old in the eyes of avid fans. Nevertheless, other home appliance manufacturers are constantly trying to catch up, and this time around, there could actually be a serious competitor to the Thermomix.
Bosch introduces new smart food processor

As part of the IFA, Bosch is presenting a device that should make the hearts of German hobby chefs beat faster. At the fair for household electronics, this year everything revolves around smart homes and appliances, and Bosch wants to bring this approach into German kitchens as well. The “Cookit” is like the Thermomix a multifunction food processor with integrated heat and cooking function. Particularly the connection with the Home Connect App, via which recipes from a large pool can be transferred directly to the device, whereby the Cookit can adjust optimally.
The Cookit from Bosch will be available in early 2020.

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