Smuggling of home appliances to Iran rises

The volume of home appliances smuggled to Iran has increased, while most of the goods are smuggled from Dubai to Tehran via country’s southern borders, said the head of Tehran Home Appliance Association,Trendreports citing Fars News Agency.

“The number of smuggled home appliances to the country has increased comparing to previous years. Despite the ban on imports, the home appliances shops are offering foreign brands,” said Morteza Miri.

“Part of smuggled home appliances arrive to the country via western or southern borders, but another part is the domestic home appliances that are being sold under foreign brands,” he noted.

“Smugglers take the domestic home appliances to western borders, stick foreign brands on them and multiply the price to sell it in Iranian market. The fake home appliances are being sold via social media; therefore, it’s advised that people pay attention to the validity of the products,” he added.

In his words, some people purchase the home appliances in Dubai and give it to smugglers to be delivered in Tehran.

“It was expected that domestic production will be supported after the import of home appliances was banned, but it did not happen,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the prices of domestic home appliances have not increased in the last two months, the manufacturers of domestic home appliances obtain foreign currency at NIMA rate to import raw material,” he added.

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