AEG to preserve food freshness longer

AEG proposes the new free standing combined freezer cabinets , equipped with professional refrigeration technologies and innovative features, which preserve the natural freshness of food, enhancing the most delicate taste, crunchiness and flavors, to create healthy and delicious recipes.

The interior of the refrigerator compartment of the new AEG models is made of stainless steel because it facilitates temperature recovery whenever the door is opened, keeping it stable. Furthermore, to ensure that the salad is crunchy even a few days after purchase or the meat remains fresh and rosy as in a butcher’s shop, each shelf has been specifically designed to ensure longer lasting food storage, limiting unnecessary waste. In the vegetable drawer with humidity control , for example, the temperature always remains close to 0 ° C maintaining the properties of the food intact; while the NaturaFresh 0 ° low temperature drawer preserves the most delicate foods, such as fish and meat, avoiding the proliferation of microorganisms and preserving them for longer.

A correct degree of temperature and humidity is fundamental to be able to preserve each ingredient to the fullest. In fact, the new range of AEG refrigerators is equipped with TwinTech® technology which uses two independent cooling systems, separating the air circulation between the fridge and freezer ensuring optimal conditions in each compartment: each room maintains its ideal temperature, controlling air and humidity , without exchange of unpleasant odors. The innovative MultiFlow ventilation emits a uniform flow of air throughout the refrigerator / freezer, protecting food from sudden changes in temperature or humidity. Food in the fridge does not become dehydrated and no ice or frost forms in the freezer, thanks to the No Frost technology.

Clean lines, defined volumes and elegant finishes. The new AEG freestanding freezer cabinets are made of pure steel, available in two aesthetic finishes, black and stainless steel anti-fingerprint. The doors of the compartments are completely flat and equipped with an integrated and ergonomic vertical handle, allowing 90 ° opening and facilitating the removal of the drawers. The interior of the refrigerator compartment is more visible thanks to the latest side LED lighting system, while the LCD display with external Touch Control commands allows you to keep the internal temperature under control and easily adjust the settings.

With a height of 2 meters, and available in widths of 59 cm or 70 cm, all the combined cabinets of the new AEG line are in energy class A ++ and A +++, so as not to waste electricity and at the same time guarantee professional performance.

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