Teka tips to take advantage of all the advantages of the microwave

The microwave has more prominence every day in our kitchen, but most of the time we do not take advantage of all the advantages that this appliance offers us. Teka offers some tips that discover new ways to use it and will make this appliance the perfect assistant in the kitchen.

Get all the citrus juice
Take advantage of every drop of vitamins in your homemade juices by heating the lemons or oranges you are going to squeeze for 20 seconds at high power. This way you will get all the juice out of the fruits and they will be easier to squeeze without wasting anything.

Get the onion does not make you cry more
Forget the tears in the kitchen every time you have to add onions to your recipes and ally with the microwave. Cut the two ends of the onion and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at maximum power.

Make your food more crispy
If your fries have begun to soften and you want to return that characteristic crunch, or you want to add crispy bacon to your burger in the purest American style, the microwave can also help: wrap any ingredient you want to turn into crunchy paper and introduce it two minutes at 800 W to remove moisture. If you want it even more crispy, you can repeat that process at 30-second intervals, always being careful not to overdo it.

For lovers of this texture, Teka incorporates a Crunch function in the microwaves of its Maestro range, which allows all foods to brown with only a spoonful of oil. Your ferrite plate guarantees a very healthy and uniform cooking with crispy results.

Prepare a café worthy of coffee shop
If you dream of that frothy cream that covers the coffee, you can get it with your microwave. You just have to fill a glass jar with whole milk, shake it a little and put it in the microwave, without a lid, about 30 seconds at maximum power.

Peel rebellious tomatoes with ease
Tomatoes can sometimes be very hard to peel. But the microwave can even with the most rebellious skins.

You just have to heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds and the skin of the tomato will easily peel off just by sliding your knife.

Dry your aromatic herbs
Do you love to cook with aromatic herbs but after using a small amount you do not know what to do with them? Your microwave has the solution once more. Wrap the leaves without stems in kitchen paper and heat them in the microwave one minute at maximum power on each side. If they break easily when finished, they are ready.

Finally, to save time in cleaning and daily maintenance, Teka offers a microwave range with flat and ceramic base and an exterior with anti-fingerprint stainless steel and black and white glass finish, which are cleaned quickly and look like new with a minimum maintenance.

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