The new products that CNA Group will present at the fair include the new Edesa range, with a wide variety of cooking, air extraction, refrigeration and washing products. The range includes new designs and remarkable features, such as the HoriZone Tech induction heating with Barbecue function, which allows the cast iron grill to achieve a uniform temperature to prepare delicious meat, fish or vegetable dishes in its 800cm2 cooking zone.

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Enjoy the kitchen without abandoning new technologies and different cooking methods, is the main objective of the wide range of Edesa electronic plates in their induction plates, from traditional TC models through new models such as “Mono-Slider Touch” “,” Multi-Sliders “,” Round Sliders “and the more sophisticated” Hidden Sliders “in mono and round version, because Edesa understands that the technology facilitates a high performance in the cooking methods. With an elegant built-in design, the range of Edesa countertops offers a wide variety of Super Slim stainless steel, with intelligent installation and triple gas burner of 4Kw in all models; as well as first quality designs, such as the one offered in the Panorama GOG worktop for semi-professionals with the concept of 4 in-line gas stoves in 120×45 cm.

The novelties are also present in the washing and cooling products, among which stands out the technology Silence Inverter in washing machines, that thanks to the maximum efficiency and performance obtains the classification A +++ – 30%. For its part, in the range of Edesa refrigerators highlights the Dual No Frost technology in combis with A +++ and the new Front Glass Combis refrigerators in white and anthracite colors.

News of Cata
Intelligent cooking solutions and inter-device connectivity and synchronization of functions are now possible thanks to the Smart Hood control, which uses wireless technology, so both the hood and the plate adjust their temperature automatically without having to move a finger.

Cata also presents the latest in induction power control; thus the new Cata TFT range provides two cooking systems, the traditional system with adjustment of the heat power and the sophistication and precision of cooking with induction plates with temperature control and bluetooth connection, a unique system in terms of technology induction plates that allows a greater precision of the temperature. On the other hand, the control system introduced by Cata through its RoCook induction concept, with Bluetooth technology, allows any type of food to be cooked at a precise temperature. It is an ideal system to carry out low temperature cooking processes with maximum precision. Further,

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For better flame control, Grupo CNA also offers plates that allow consumers to adjust the level of the flame on their plates through several levels of power selection that adapt to the different cooking ranges of the consumer. Finally, among the novelties in extraction, Cata has a wide variety of decorative hoods with electric motors without brushes of maximum power and A + efficiency, such as the Dalia and the Legend model, with an energy consumption of only 100W at maximum power, which translates into a saving of 80% of the energy with a minimum level of noise.

For more information about the news of the CNA Group products at the IFA fair, the Cata and Edesa sites are being updated, so you can access it through the link:

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