Candy Group

The Candy Group is a privately owned (by the Fumagalli Family) multi-brand company, among the European leaders in the household appliance industry. Built-in, free-standing and floor-care products are marketed under two international brands, Candy and Hoover, and several national brands as Rosières, Jinling, Baumatic. The Candy Group employs 4.100 people, has 6 manufacturing sites in Europe, Turkey and China, 47 subsidiaries and representative offices all over the world. The headquarter, design center and R&D premises are based in Italy.

For over 70 years, Candy Group has always been a leader of innovation, transferring the most advanced technologies into easy to use products, designed to improve the quality of life. Candy Group turned its expertise into a useful heritage and thanks to its strong identity, today it is unique and identifiable between the players in the world of appliances.

Candy celebrated 70 years since the production of the first ever Italian automatic washing machine. Among the European leaders in the MDA sector, both free-standing and built-in, with a consolidated position in the core segment of the market, Candy products combine innovation and ease of use, to meet the needs of consumers and improve their quality of life. Thanks to its long experience rich of achievements and successes, Candy has been able to develop simply-Fi, the first complete range of appliances Wi-Fi connected, for an easier management, even remotely. It’s a range of innovative products designed to wash, cook and store in a perfect Italian style.

Hoover is an international brand in the business since over 100 years; it is a European leader in the floor-care segment but also in the whole set of MDA free-standing and built-in. It is positioned in the higher segment of the market, thanks to technology and innovation, most advanced performing products and care of details. The Hoover products are intended for the most demanding customers, who desire today what will be the standard of tomorrow.


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