Who is this Blomberg Appliance?

Blomberg was born back in 1883 when the company founded by Bernhard Blomberg started in Germany in the metallurgy industry

Gradually, the group left the metallurgy business, established a distribution channel for home appliances in 1935 and 1949 with a visionary decision started producing.

In 1979, Blomberg built the first washing machine with outer balance control in Germany. In 1981 it manufactured the first fully automatic washing machine.

In 2002 Blomberg was acquired by Arcelik one of Europes largest manufacturers. 2004 A brand new Blomberg product line was launched with freestanding ranges and built in appliances that were introduced to the world.

In 2009, the second generation of Blomberg products following the brand’s rebirth in 2004 has been introduced.

Today Blomberg appliances are manufactured in Turkey, Romania, Russian Federation, France, Italy, and Portugal.

In 2009 Blomberg produced over 12 million units and today Blomberg produces more products under one roof than any other in its Turkey, Romania and Italy plants.

Blomberg builds with design and style in mind and also in harmony with life and nature with recycled components to water and power saving appliances.

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