Fulgor Milano Atmos steam oven

Fulgor Milano presents its Atmos steam oven
The advantages of steam in A++ class
Atmos multifunction oven is one of the latest innovations by Fulgor Milano. It features 6 steam cooking modes, 11 programs and 9 special functions. The water tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters and the steam temperature is reached in less than 5 minutes. In addition, the oven guarantees an autonomy of over 3 hours for steam cooking at 100°C without having to top up the water. And when it is necessary to do so, this operation does not require opening the oven door. The appliance is also in A++ energy efficiency class and is equipped with touch controls and soft closing hinges. Finally, a further plus of Atmos is the Pizza function, thanks to which the oven reaches up to 290°C to ensure a perfect cooking.

Aria+ and Atmos, the latest innovations by Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano has recently last two new innovative producta for the international market. The first Aria+, an induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, available in 60 cm and 80 cm measures. The other relevant news signed by Fulgor Milano is Atmos, a 60 cm wide multifunction steam oven.

Both the appliances are characterized by advanced technologies and sophisticated Italina style. The induction cooktop with integrated extractor Aria+ features a maximum airflow of 700 m3/h and 4 induction zones with bridge function.

multifunction steam oven Atmos, instead, has 26 different cooking modes, 6 of which are entirely dedicated to steam cooking. The oven is also capable of performing all classic cooking modes, including a pizza cooking mode with temperatures reaching up to 290°C. This, combined with a soft closing door and a 3-hour steam runtime without topping up the tank.