Miele announces Rebecca Steinhage to the Executive Board

Current Head of Human Resources of the domestic appliance manufacturer takes over newly created executive unit ‘Human Resources & Corporate Affairs’

The appointment as the sixth Executive Director of the Miele Group will take effect on July 1, 2022

Miele has very successfully developed in recent years, both in terms of sales and workforce. In addition, new business fields and subsidiaries have been added to the company’s portfolio, and substantial measures have been made on key topics for the future, such as internationalisation, digitalisation and sustainability. In this environment, which is as challenging as it is full of opportunities, the appointment of Rebecca Steinhage as the sixth Executive Director further strengthens the power of the Gütersloh family-run company to shape and implement.

At Miele, Rebecca Steinhage has been leading Human Resources as Senior Vice President since 2019 with great success. In this position, she has not only further developed global HR work to fit the future, but also contributes valuable strategic impulses beyond that. As future Executive Director, she will be responsible for the newly created Human Resources & Corporate Affairs executive unit – consisting of the four group functions Human Resources, Corporate Sustainability & Regulatory Affairs, Communications and Auditing. Rebecca Steinhage will continue with her responsibility as Senior Vice President Human Resources.

“We are very pleased that we found in Rebecca an outstandingly suitable colleague from our own ranks for this challenging task who is highly esteemed, both personally and professionally, far beyond her current area of responsibility,” says the existing Executive Board in its internal statement regarding the top personnel announcement, “and we are looking forward to continuing working with her in the new constellation and wish her much luck and great success.”

With effect from July 1, 2022, the Miele Group’s Executive Board will have six members, consisting of Olaf Bartsch (Finance & Administration), Dr. Stefan Breit (Technology), Dr. Axel Kniehl (Marketing & Sales) and Rebecca Steinhage (Human Resources & Corporate Affairs) as well as the two Executive Directors and Co-Proprietors Dr. Markus Miele and Dr. Reinhard Zinkann. The Miele Group most recently generated sales of EUR 4.84 billion (fiscal year 2021) and employs more than 22,300 people in 50 countries.

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