Danish start-up company will change and improve the customer journey for consumers of white goods and electronics. The company is Layerise – and in just one year it has grown from five employees to 22 employees76% of consumers use their purchased product incorrectly due to “lack of know-how”. Layerise will enhance the consumer’s journey once the product is purchased. Better knowledge of the product’s functionality, more correct maintenance and, of course, greater and more lasting enjoyment of ownership.

The European Union (EU) has proposed several legislative suggestions aimed at advancing the current ecodesign guidelines for energy efficiency. Among these new measures, the Digital Product Passport also referred to as DPP, is proposed as the ideal solution for a more sustainable economy.

The adoption of the Digital Product Passport will lead to extended product lifespans, assist customers in making ecologically responsible purchasing decisions, and promote the creation of circular economy business models. DPPs enhance transparency throughout the entire value chain as they are easily accessible for all, from the original manufacturers to the final consumers.

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