Haier Japan launches new life-themed scene livestreaming

In March, relying on the online website of local channel B, Haier Japan launched 10 livestreams centering around coffee series, with new-life scenarios, reaching over 10,000 people in real time and achieving a sales target completion rate of over 150%.

Revolving around the new-life scenarios of single people and young families, Haier Japan’s coffee series packages include refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, microwave, rice cooker, etc. The appearance is also designed according to young people’s aesthetics and home decoration and can perfectly fit into their life scenarios. To help local young people create a better life, channel B sent a notification about the livestreaming to online website users and also set up a special home page for Haier Japan to display a variety of new-life packages, making it convenient for users to buy the products with one click.

In addition to scenario livestreaming, Haier Japan also implemented a two-week terminal promotion activity in Ikebukuro store of channel B, where scenarios were set up and Haier Japan’s cartoon image “Big White Bear” and online salespeople answered users’ questions. Local entrepreneurs also participated in the activity. According to statistics, in this activity, the sales target completion rate exceeded 132% and Haier Japan’s sales in channel B increased by 207% year-on-year.

The new life-themed online scenario livestreaming and offline terminal promotion activity represent Haier Japan’s efforts to continuously innovate the interaction modes and provide users with solutions for a better life based on their life scenarios.

Haier Japan launches live broadcast of new life-themed scenes

In March, Haier Japan launched ten live broadcasts of the scene through the online website of the local mainstream B channel, focusing on the popular new life scene – the coffee series.

Haier Japanese coffee series packages are launched for the new life scenarios of single aristocrats and young families, including refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, rice cookers, etc. The appearance is also based on the aesthetics and home decoration of young people, and is perfectly integrated into the life scene experience. In order to create a better life with local young people, the B channel sends a live broadcast notification to users of the online website. At the same time, it also set up a special homepage for Haier Japan, displaying various styles of new life packages, which is convenient for users to purchase with one click.In addition to the live broadcast of the scene, Haier Japan simultaneously implemented a 2-week terminal promotion in the Ikebukuro store on the B channel, setting up new life scenes. participate. According to statistics, the sales target completion rate of this event exceeded 132%, and Haier Japan’s sales in the B channel increased by 207%.

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