Suri,innovative, eco-friendly electric toothbrush

UK-based sustainable wellness brand, Suri, has designed an innovative, eco-friendly electric toothbrush to help combat the carbon footprint of oral care.

Made primarily from plant-based and recyclable materials – bamboo primarily – the new Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush promises “a superior clean with minimal impact on the environment”.

According to the brand, although sales in bamboo manual toothbrushes continue to grow, to date, there hasn’t been an eco-alternative for the thousands of electric toothbrush users in the UK.

Each year, global disposal rates of toothbrushes amount to four billion and almost all models are not recyclable in municipal recycling streams, Suri says. While electric models are proven to help consumers achieve a better clean, reducing plaque by 21% and gingivitis by 11% (Cochrane Review, 2014), unfortunately, they have the worst carbon footprint compared with other toothbrushes.

And although household electrical appliances are small, they make up 2% of landfill waste, and it is estimated that they contribute to 70% of the pollution on land and in water.

Built with a right to repair in mind, the Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush features an aluminium handle and plant-based heads. Unlike other electric models, the body can be easily dismantled for recycling or repair when sent back, the company says.

A lifetime guarantee under a subscription plan also covers the replacement of brush heads every one to three months, as well as free maintenance. Suri provides mail-back recycling for all their products to ensure that none of its brushes ends up in landfills or oceans.

In addition, a long-lasting rechargeable battery powers the toothbrush for 30-plus days between charges, and sonic technology delivers 33,000 brush movements per minute, providing an eco-friendly approach to healthier teeth, a brighter smile, and a clean conscience, the company adds.

Short for “sustainable rituals”, Suri is the brainchild of co-founders Gyve Safavi and Mark Rushmore. The duo spent years working for the multinational personal care and hygiene conglomerate P&G. Harnessing their wealth of experience, Safavi and Rushmore decided it was time to help tackle the industry’s environmental impact through sustainable innovation.

The duo say they are committed to using as many recyclable and biodegradable materials as possible on all of their products while running their business with a net positive environmental impact.

The SURI electric toothbrush is available for pre-order now via the company’s website and will be released in early spring 2022.

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