EBAC Microplastic Filters

John Elliott MBE, founder and chairman of North East producer Ebac, the UK’s only maker of washing machines, has written to Alberto Costa MP to assist his Private Member’s Bill – Microplastic Filters (Washing Machines). Mr Costa’s Bill, which has its Second Reading on 21st January 2022, will ‘require producers to fit microplastic-catching filters to new domestic and industrial washing machines.’ In his letter to Mr Costa John Elliott points out that due to the fact they use less water than many other manufacturers, Ebac washing machines already significantly reduce the number of microfibres released from garments during the laundry process because the amount of microfibres released is proportional to the amount of water used. John Elliott MBE said: “This is a very important campaign, that is part of making laundry more environmentally friendly. Ebac engineers are actively working on filters that will integrate into our washing machines to help resolve the problem of microfibres polluting the environment, rivers, and seas. “Ebac’s green credentials stretch further than this. One of our appliances was recently named by Which? as the most efficient washing machine that they had tested due to its low energy consumption. Our innovative ‘hot fill’ option reduces energy consumption, which also has the benefit of lower running costs, which is becoming more and more important as energy prices rise. “Our big USP is our carbon footprint – being made in the UK at Ebac’s factory in County Durham means our machines travel at most a few hundred miles, unlike other brands which are being imported from across the world. “I would be delighted to work with Mr Costa on his important initiative.”

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