Fabita is an Italian company that was set up around 11 years ago by a few managers from the household appliances sector. The company specialises in electric glass-ceramic induction hobs and hoods for third-party brands. This business has grown exponentially over the last few years due to the development of induction at a global level, which has boosted the business so much that in 2019 we decided to add what could be an identifying brand to the company. The idea was to transform Fabita by creating a line of products under its own name, but with an innovative proposal with a strong personality. Hence the project to work with the internationally renowned design studio Adriano Design, founded by architects Davide and Gabriele Adriano. The request was to deconstruct the classic induction hob and hood, thinking of them in a totally different way to meet the new living requirements

Fabita has always operated in the kitchen world, but, since 2019, we have been looking at the HoReCa channel, participating in Host for the first time. We had the opportunity to return live at Host2021 with our new product range, which deconstructs traditional kitchen furniture. It was here that we were able to see what the developments in the sector have been in recent years: we noticed a tendency by all hospitality facilities to renew their kitchens and appliances by focusing on design. The industry’s stakeholders have this need to differentiate themselves, not only by presenting their services in a different way but also by presenting themselves with a new, more sophisticated image, focusing on sophisticated and attractive equipment. Just think of the redefinition of the layout of premises where the open kitchen becomes the star of the restaurant environment and therefore requires new components to be put on display.
It is a quest for a quality product that not only requires a unique design but also the technological aspect: when it comes to food service equipment, technology plays an increasingly important role. https://hubs.ly/Q011-Kdv0

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