Taurus Connect

Taurus launches a new application, the Taurus Connect APP, which allows you to control all the brand’s heating devices, purifiers and robot vacuum cleaners. In a single APP the user will be able to know the status of his appliance, as well as the temperature, humidity or air quality of his home or a specific room, thanks to the sensors of the appliance that will be connected to the application.

With this free APP, Taurus allows the interaction and control of the appliance through the smartphone or other mobile devices. In this way, the user can program its operation and control it at all times, something extremely useful in heating appliances, for example, to heat the house just before arriving or, to program a vacuum cleaner to find the house clean.

Taurus’ commitment to connected electrical appliances will continue to grow and the family of heaters, purifiers and robot vacuum cleaners will be joined by other electrical appliances in order to improve the user experience, optimize the consumption of each appliance and save energy.

Taurus Connect can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play to enjoy it on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

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