Haier I-Pro 7 washing machine

Haier I-Pro Series 7 contains the most advanced technologies developed by the company. The range is characterized by great efficiency, super-low noise levels thanks to the Direct Motion motor and a large capacity. Designed to be completely user-friendly, the intuitive digital display makes finding the right programme, while the pillow drum, driven by the robust and efficient Direct Motion motor, takes gentle care of even the softest fabrics.

The washing machines of the Haier I-Pro Series 7 (979) are equipped with I-Refresh, an innovative function that refreshes even the most delicate fabrics, including wool and silk, using micro vapour technology. This highly effective technology removes odours, fine dust and allergens, all while reducing creases and softening fabrics.

Thanks to their large capacity, up to 12kg, the I-Pro Series 7 (979) washing machine range provides the perfect laundry solution for large families or for bulk fabric washes. Moreover the Haier’s Direct Motion Motors, operating without a belt, is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibrations, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption.

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