Shark moves into haircair

Shark, the brand known for its highly popular cordless vacuums and small cooking appliances, has followed Dyson into the haircare market, with the launch of a hairdryer that is set to “revolutionise” the hair care market.

The Shark Style iQ Ionic Hair Dryer & Styler – known as the Shark HyperAIR in the US – comes with two attachments, including a diffuser that has extendable prongs, which means the roots, as well as the ends of curly hair, can be dried quickly, while still boosting the volume. It promises “ultra-fast drying with no heat damage and styles for all hair types”.

How it works

Traditional diffusers can cause heat damage because the short prongs mean heat is concentrated on the ends rather than being spread across the length of the hair shaft. The Style iQ diffuser has a built-in lever that can extend or retract the prongs so those with longer hair don’t find the heat is only being projected at the ends of their hair.

According to Shark, the Style iQ delivers premium air power and next-generation intelligence for an easy, healthy hair-care experience. Its Style iQ IQ Technology intelligently combines high-velocity heated air and ionized air for ultra-fast drying, no heat damage, and styles for all hair types. Consumers can also attach any of the four IQ Stylers – IQ 2-in-1 Concentrator, IQ Styling Brush, IQ Curl-Defining Diffuser or the IQ AirWave – and Shark will automatically set the heat & airflow settings for the user, taking the guesswork out of styling, and ensuring a great result every time.

It is available to purchase in the UK and the US now.

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