Rangemaster expands and refreshes freestanding 60cm cooker

Rangemaster continues to expand the brand with the 60cm Automatic Cooker. The introduction of new dual-fuel and induction models, which are becoming more popular in modern homes, is part of an extensive update that includes additional features and design. The freestanding 60cm slab is part of the popular Rangemaster Professional and Classic Collections and is available in two different designs that incorporate many of the popular features of the larger slab. The new 60 cm induction model includes a 4-zone hob with two 2.5 kW crater zones and two 1.8 kW auxiliary zones. It includes a fan detector, a power boost function, a residual heat indicator, a child protection device, and a minute-by-minute touch sensor that can be set for each zone to automatically shut off at the appropriate time. … The new dual-fuel version is equipped with a 2.9 kW fast burner, two 1.75 kW burners and a 4-burner burner and a smaller 1 kW stove.

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