Siemens New built in Dishwasher

The new range of Siemens studioLine built-in dishwashers is designed to integrate perfectly into the kitchen. The varioSliding hinge system, for example, allows the cabinet door to slide over the appliance door when opening, ensuring greater installation flexibility. For the fully integrated models with varioSliding hinge, Siemens has developed sideLight, a blue light that illuminates the space between the appliance panel and the door to its left when the appliance is in operation. Besides, infoLight (the indicator that informs the user when the dishwasher is in use) projects a light point on the floor which turns off at the end of the cycle, while with timeLight it is possible to check the status of the program, as it projects the residual washing time on the floor. The new dishwashers can be easily controlled with app, by voice, or with the control panel. Furthermore, with the app it is possible to access some additional functions, such as varioSpeed on demand and varioSpeed plus on demand, to reduce washing times at any time, even with the program already activated. Other pluses of these products are: the Favourite functionality to save the favorite programs and options, the new glassZone, the Zeolith Drying technology, the flexComfort cutlery basket etc.

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