Imetec Quick and easy preparation

Thanks to the innovative Imetec PRO technology , the SuccoVivo PRO 2000 extractor is able to obtain 100% of the vitamins while preserving the natural flavor of fresh fruit and vegetables. It prepares, in a simple and fast way, fruit and vegetable extracts, vegetable milk, ice cream, sorbets, velvets, sauces and even granitas, thanks to the 300W of its professional induction motor with steel gears, which easily squeezes even the most demanding foods hard like pomegranate, artichokes and dried fruit.

The special Beauty filter also transforms SuccoVivo Pro 2000 into a real beauty kit, because it allows you to transform the residual pulp of extracted fruit and vegetables into 100% natural face and body beauty masks , all collected in the special recipe book “Create the your natural beauty masks “by Lisa Casali.

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