The new EQ Siemens super-automatic coffee machines

The new EQ Siemens super-automatic coffee machines are designed to turn the coffee break into one of the best moments of the day.

Thanks to its exclusive technology you will squeeze every flavor of your favorite coffee to the last drop It doesn’t matter which variety you like the most: you’re just a button away from enjoying it thanks to the iAroma technology, which controls the smart water pump and heater and the ceramic grinder to make every cup of coffee unique. Discover its impressive design and start squeezing all the advantages of operating your coffee maker from your mobile. With the new Siemens EQ range you will rediscover the love for coffee.

Coffee at the height of the best barista
Espresso, cappuccino or latte machiato. You can have the best coffee at home. Enjoy the greatest variety of flavors and perfect preparation thanks to the cutting-edge Siemens technology. With super-automatic coffee machines you will always have the perfect coffee. As if the best barista had done it.

EQ9 coffee maker connected
EQ.9 super automatic coffee machine with Home Connect
Let yourself be conquered by its elegant design and its tactile TFT display in which you can select up to 22 varieties of coffee and customize them to your liking with the barista mode. Connect your EQ.9 super-automatic coffee maker to your mobile phone with the Home Connect app and you can do all this and much more from wherever you want. It incorporates a deposit of coffee beans, another one for ground coffee and an integrated milk tank so you always have a perfect drink.

EQ500 coffee maker

EQ.500 super automatic coffee machine
On your TFT display you can select the drink you want, just as if you were operating the screen of your mobile. You will always enjoy the perfect flavor and aroma thanks to its coffee bean container with a conservative aroma lid and separate tank for ground coffee. Prepare two cups at the same time with the oneTouch DoubleCup function, including drinks with milk, you can also adjust the height of the coffee outlet to avoid overflows.

Siemens EQ300 coffee maker

EQ.300 super automatic coffee machine
Never give up having the perfect coffee without leaving home. You just need a touch to prepare the variety of coffee you want automatically. The display with indicator lights of the EQ.300 super-automatic coffee maker allows you to do it easily and quickly. Prepare a cup of your favorite coffee by choosing the intensity you want. Reach perfection by preheating the cup in its built-in heater.

The best Siemens technology is combined to offer you professional coffees at the press of a button:

The high-performance ceramic grinder is responsible for grinding each coffee bean evenly to ensure the best flavor and aroma.

SensoFlow smart heater: to achieve the ideal temperature of each drink (90-95ºC), extracting all the aroma of coffee and improving the flavor of each grain.

Smart water pump that offers you the perfect water pressure to properly prepare each coffee variety.

The control unit is the center of the iAroma system, which combines with the rest of the elements to achieve the best quality.

siemens coffee maker
Automatic cleaning program
Siemens super-automatic coffee machines have an automatic cleaning and descaling program, included in the Calc´n´Clean program. Keeping the coffee maker clean and using these types of programs when I tell you, you make sure you enjoy the best coffee flavor and aroma, and you will also extend the life of your EQ coffee maker.

autoMilk Clean

After each preparation the milk tube is automatically cleaned. It is perfect for the next cup you prepare and you don’t have to worry about anything.

Buy espresso maker siemens
OneTouch DoubleCup function
No matter what specialty of coffee you want (latte macchiato, capuccino, espresso …) With the oneTouch DoubleCup function you have the option of preparing two cups at the same time, including milk drinks. In addition, it allows you to adjust the height of the coffee outlet to adapt it perfectly to the size of each cup you have at home. You will not even have problems using the 15 cm tall glasses for your latte macchiato.

Siemens espresso coffee
AromaDouble Shot
Siemens EQ super-automatic coffee machines feature the AromaDouble Shot function, a double grinding process perfect for lovers of very strong coffee. It is in charge of offering you an extra strong espresso with the best aroma. To achieve this, the grinding and preparation process is repeated using a reduced amount of water that is responsible for maximizing the intensity of the taste without becoming bitter.

Connected coffee maker
What can you do with your smart coffee maker?
You can prepare the coffee wherever you are or start a cleaning program so that your coffee maker is always ready.

Coffee Playlist

Make a list of coffees for all the guests and you can see how they go out one after another. Total comfort to be the perfect host.

10 user profiles.

You can save them with the name you choose and include the favorite coffees of each profile in a completely personalized way. You will have access to 22 international coffee specialties and a wide recipe book.

Notices and notifications on your mobile.

You will receive them, for example, when it is necessary to refill the coffee or milk tank.

Remote diagnosis

In the case of having a problem with the coffee maker, the official technical service can connect and diagnose problems remotely without the visit of a technician

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